Volunteer Opportunities 

Every year students from all around the world come to study at universities in the San Francisco Bay Area. California has over 121,000 international students, the most in the United States! 80% of these students from China, India, the Middle East and other countries will never step foot in the home of an American family.

If you would like to get involved as an ambassador locally at

UC Berkeley contact Ryan at ryan.gregory@bridgesinternational.com

San Jose State or Stanford University, contact Kevin at kevin.patao@bridgesinternational.com

San Francisco campuses contact Brianne at brianne.lundgren@bridgesinternational.com

For all other campuses, please contact Kyle at Kyle.Driggers@BridgesInternational.com or call 314.435.1923.

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Weekly Gatherings

Bridges gathers international students and American volunteers every week at San Jose State University, UC Berkeley, and San Francisco State to build community and bless students. Meetings include food, games, community group discussions, and Bible studies!  To find out more, contact Kyle Driggers at 314.435.1923 or:


International Student Thanksgiving 

Over 80% of international students never have an opportunity to enter an American home. This year, consider blessing 2-3 international students by including them with your family as you celebrate Thanksgiving. 


Other Opportunities

Are you passionate about reaching the nations? Would you like to join our team and serve with Bridges San Francisco full-time? We have opportunities to serve this summer, or even for a year! To find out more information, contact Kyle Driggers at 314.435.1923 or email at: