Kyle & emily Driggers - Bay Area Team Leaders

Kyle and Emily Driggers are the directors for Bridges International in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kyle studied Physics and Emily, Broadcast Communications. They were married in 2001 and began working with college students in St Louis, Missouri with Cru.

For seven years (starting in 2007) Kyle & Emily lived overseas and taught English in multiple Asian countries. In 2014 they moved to the Bay Area to begin working with university students from around the world. You can contact them directly at 314.435.1923 or


Courtney Patao - SJSU and Stanford

Courtney is originally from Minnesota and graduated from St Cloud State University. After graduation, she studied overseas for two years and began working with international students in the Bay Area in 2012. Courtney currently serves at San Jose State University and San Francisco State University. You can email her at bridgessanfrancisco@gmail.com


Jenny Hurn - berkeley and CCSF

Jenny is originally from southern California. After graduating from California Polytechnic University in 2012,  she studied in Asia for two years. After her time in Asia, Jenny moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to work with international students at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State. You can email her at: 


Ryan Gregory - berkeley and SFSU

Ryan is from Orange County, CA. He graduated from California Polytechnic University in 2013 and studied in Asia for two years. In the fall of 2016 he moved up to the Bay Area to work with international students. Ryan enjoys a competitive game of Spikeball and exploring the outdoors. You can email him at: ryan.gregory@bridgesinternational.com